I just wanted to thank you very much for helping my patient, Jacqueline M. She had a pretty significant problem with reflex sympathetic dystrophy and chronic pain after a thumb arthroplasty. She was quite happy with your treatment. I am also very happy with your treatment and will definitely be utilizing your services for several of my patients. She has given me a copy of your card. I am going to make some copies of your card and have already recommended you to one of my other patients today.

— M Rotman, M.D.

I have back, neck, arm, and foot pain back since 11/07 that was further aggravated by an accident in 2008. I had a history of back problems in 2004, but it had been relieved with a decompression table. Now the problems return. I also have a bunion on my right foot. Dr. Lee and his staff prevented me from getting bunion surgery on my foot. Even my podiatrist was amazed with the results. He uses acupuncture and chiropractic services to relieve my pain. I visited his office for a series of treatments, and the results were excellent. I just need to be careful when I lift and work to prevent my back and neck from hurting. I still see Dr. Lee on a regular schedule. I cannot thank Dr. Lee and his staff enough to help get me to this point.

— Marva B.

My name is Taylor, a 17-year-old female. I was referred by my mom because my right foot hurt so badly, which I could barely walk. About 3 or 4 years ago, I tripped over a church pew and fractured one part of my foot. Because it wasn’t getting better, I had another exam and found out I had fractured a 2nd part of my foot. Before seeing Dr. Lee, I was treated by many other doctors (orthopedist, podiatrist, and physical therapist), but the results were bad for the most part. At that time, it was hard for me to walk let alone play sports. I came to this office 2 years ago and started my course of treatment of 14 visits.

Dr. Lee has used acupuncture and sometimes connected with electrical therapy to my right foot up to my abdomen. Healing results and I can honestly say it is better. I no longer have any pain. I have been playing basketball, volleyball, karate, and dance.

— Taylor B.

I have injured my back 13 years ago while helping my sick and disabled late husband. I have been to all kinds of doctors and have gotten all kinds of tests for my low back. I have taken all kinds of pain pills including morphine and received different types of injections for pain. But none seems to work. It only makes me sick to my stomach. I was not able to stand or walk too long. I have to use a cane to get around. It was a 10 in a scale of 1 to 10.

I found you out of desperation because nothing works. I have come to you since 5/5/04 (15 times). You have worked on my back with your hands and needles. Now I can go shopping without pain. I don’t need to use my cane to walk anymore. I have lost at least 10 pounds because I am more active. My pain has gone from a “10” to a “1”.

Thank you Dr. Lee for allowing me to have my life back!

— Annette R.

I am writing this letter just want to thank you for your help in making me recover from a bad health condition. I really appreciate your sophisticated skill and kind attitude to patient.

As you already knew, I am working in the computer area. This kind of work often makes lot of muscle tension and stress in the neck, shoulders, and back. Starting in summer 2001, I had migraines and felt back pain. For this reason, I had gone to doctors’ offices many times and taken a series of test. I also took some medicine. All the efforts did not make me get rid of pain I was suffering. In summer 2002, I walked into your office. After examination, you made a comprehensive therapy plan for me. I started feeling much better two weeks after I accepted therapy from you. During therapy period of about five months, you did a very good job in helping me to recover from my bad health condition. Right now, I feel very good. I am impressed by the tremendous effect of your effort.

I am very satisfied with your therapy and attitude. I have decided that I will choose you whenever I need chiropractic therapy. I also will strongly recommend you to the people I know who need chiropractic therapy. I believe all of your patients walk out of your office with a smile.

Again, thank you very much.

— Hongfei J.

I am a technology coordinator and a pianist, plus I do other things with my wrists like gardening, cleaning, etc. Somehow I injured my right wrist. I was diagnosed with De Quervain’s tendonitis. I was sent for physical therapy and when that didn’t work, surgery was recommended. I did not want surgery.

When I would be coming home from Mass, I would pass a sign in the building at the corner of Chippewa and Brannon that said acupuncture. Since my sister-in-law had had such success with acupuncture, I decided that I would drop in and talk with the doctor to see if he thought he could do anything for me and also to find out if I thought this “foreign” type of treatment would be something I wanted to give a try.

After talking with the doctor, who turned out to be Dr. Lee, I was convinced that I wanted to give acupuncture a try for my wrist. At that point I was wearing a large brace, having a lot of pain, and unable to do simple things like brush my hair, brush my teeth, cut with a scissors, write with a pen or pencil, wash my face or my back.

I liked the fact that Dr. Lee worked with me, the whole me, and not only my wrist. He found my body to be healthy and taught me to do some exercises to strengthen my wrists. In that way, we became a team to help my body cure itself. He did the acupuncture and I did the exercises at home every day. He also prescribed an alcohol and tea mixture to rub into the injured part of my wrist which I did faithfully every day, too. I saw Dr. Lee about twelve times from April 2007 until October 2007.

I now have full use of my wrists without pain of any kind. I am able to do everything that I want to do. I will always watch how I use my wrists, as I do not want to misuse them and end up with the same condition again. I will continue to do all the exercises I have been taught by Dr. Lee and I will continue to use the tea mixture everyday to rub into my wrists. I believe that the problem will not occur again if I keep up my care regimen.

— Dolores G.

I am writing to express my gratitude on treating me. I want to post my success story for all your patients to see.

I have this pain for 3 to 4 years but it was getting worse around 4/21/04. I believe it may be caused by an injury from a car accident a few years ago. It was quite severe. My neck was pain and my left hand was pain too. My left hand and fingers were numb. The neck pain prevents me from using the electronic microscope and computer screen for long periods of time. I was treated in St. John’s Mercy Medical Center by the doctors and nurses there. The pain went away temporary and then came back. A friend whom was cured by Dr. Lee told me about this office.

I first came to see Dr. Lee on 4/26/04. He pushed my neck bone to its right position. After treated by Dr. Lee, I feel the pain goes away gradually. The numbness disappeared first. The result is excellent. I was treated 2 times a week for 2 months. Now I come only once every 3 weeks. I wish more and more people who need this kind of help will come to see Dr. Lee.

— Sam L.